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the Project


We are witnessing an important transition.
Arts are moving from physical to digital, everyday more people are aware of the Nft Market and of the endless possibilities hidden in the Blockchain.
Doesn't matter our social background, our gender, our age, we all are pioneers of this new blooming Era.
It is very easy to get lost in the Blockchain : high benefits and high risks.
Identites wants to display this concept through a visual metaphor. 
We can easily decentralise ourselves and change our identity in the blockchain with the click of a mouse.
At the same time our identity can get stolen, we could lose everything and left without hope to recover the loss.
This is why I decided to paint 35 Genesis faces from different social backgrounds, different genders, different age and mix their traits all together. 
I wanted to display this bonding concept with a mixed approach (painting+coding) with the final goal of having a great outcome in terms of Art.
806 Identities have been minted and no more will be.


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