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the Process

Step 1
- Get reference for 35 Genesis faces
- Create the textures and the Brushes
- Paint them all on Procreate
Step 2
- Strip the 35 Genesis faces and divide them
  into 4 main traits (left eye, right eye, nose, mouth)
- Paint 32 backgrounds
- Paint a total of +200 individual rough lines.
  drips, drops, scratches, cross, signature,
Step 3
- Apply to each face trait 5 different colour
- Save each layer individually as .png 
  (+700 layers in total)
Step 4
- Write a Python code to generate random
  images and related metadata
- Add layers and weights to the code
- Test the code
- Make adjustments to design 
Step 5
- Write a contract for Identities Blockchain
- Test it on Rinkeby
- Organising Whitelist Mint and Public Sale
- Create a Aws Website for the Mint
- Deploy the final contract
Step 6
- Create a teaser
- Start the sale
- Run the Python code with the final numbers
of Identities sold (806)
- Double check Matedata to Images
- Upload on Ipfs
- Final reveal

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