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Who is Sketcha?

I'm an Italian artist who has been living in London for 10 years.
I am not fully doxxed although many people in the Nft world know me in real life.
I've always painted, mostly on canvas, and I've always considered my art private and personal. Something I was doing only for me.
After the Art School I studied Chemistry and I worked in that field for many years. I kept my passion for art alive trying to fill my free time with some splash of colours.
Then I discovered Nfts.  
It was about January 2021.
I started to create something with the idea of selling it very easily.
"Some crappy Nft are selling for 50Eth, is going to be easy for me to sell many" I was telling to some friends.
Well, I did not.
My art was only a jpeg with few likes on Twitter.
I've learned how important is to give context to what I was doing, how important is to give a meaningful reason to the Art I was producing. 
This was the first step.
So, I started to make some Bayc derivatives with a sketch style.
They slowly started to be appreciated and my name started to have some exposure.
I expanded that technique to different collections and created a couple of projects which have sold out quite fast.
"I'm happy yes, but this is not me, is not my art in full freedom" I was saying to myself.
This is where I started to wonder about new style possibilities.
The concept of Identities started to pop in my head. It was about November 2021.
After another set of failing trial I was invited to join SuperRare.
This was a great boost in terms of self confidence and my first Nft there sold for 3Eth.
I kept going, sold 2 more and started to work on the Identities project.
Then I got scammed. It was January 2022. I lost everything, all the Eth, all the tokens and some Nfts.
Obviously I was desperate but I did not fall. 
Instead I challenged myself and I thought Identites was the perfect collection to comeback stronger.
So I invested all my energy in the project and luckily I have been able to meet my expectation at 100%.
Identities is by far my best Artistic achievement, the outcome is exactly how I pictured it to be, the portraits are the artistic metaphor I wanted to use to describe this new digital Era and I could not be happier with the overall quality of the Collection.
In this fast virtual world the future is exactly now so don't be afraid to push yourself and to create your own blockchain opportunity.
Creativity is an endless Art.

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